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Meet The Artist: Federica Guinovart

Last year we launched our inaugural 'Pitch A Print' competition where we canvased our global community of oceanwomen to pitch us a textile print that could translate into banging surfwear we'd love to produce. We were stoked with the entries - over 100 of them! Picking our top 12 favourites, we polled the finalist submissions on Instagram and had a clear winner with Federica Guinovart's "Blue Fish" print design. We talk story with Fede, an artist and surfer from Uruguay, on her inspiration behind the design and what she's up to these days. 


Where are you from and what's the female surf community like there?

I’m from Uruguay, a small country in Latinoamerica. I almost didn’t surf there because I always lived in places with no waves, so I’m not super in touch with the surfing community back home, thing that it’s a little sad. BUT I feel that we have a really strong girl power in the surfing community! And from the distance looks like it’s getting bigger and stronger every year!

I also feel that in general  the surfing community in Uruguay it’s really loving and close together!

Congratulations on winning the Salt Gypsy Pitch A Print competition! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your winning design?

Thanks!!! I’m really happy to be able to see my design in a brand that I love so much! About the inspo, I was living in Indonesia so I felt that the design should be around that. I loved the feeling of waking up around rice fields, watching the local people doing their daily routine as fishing and praying 🌞. It’s easy to feel inspired when you are around so much beauty.


How did you first become involved with Salt Gypsy and what drew you to participate in this competition?

I followed Salt Gypsy because I love what they do and the feeling of girl community. When I saw they where doing a competition to design the new pattern I felt that it was my time to try it!! I never thought I was going to win though!

Your design beautifully captures the essence of the surf lifestyle. Can you share your personal connection to surfing and how it influences your artwork?

I started surfing as a grown up, so I feel that I really appreciate what surfing did for me this past years. Surfing changed my life! It became the main reason of my trips and the places where I live. It influence my art so much. Not because I paint about surfing, but because it took me to so many different places. Made me travel so much! And in each new place I feel I have a new style and new inspiration.

Women in the surf community are an integral part of Salt Gypsy's mission. How do you think your artwork contributes to celebrating and empowering women in the world of surfing?

Haha I don’t think i contribute much with my art to me honest! But I might do it with the way I live! I’m a clear example that you are never too old to start, that you can be fierce, that you deserve your place in the lineup and that you can laught about your clumsy surfing style 😉

Living in the tropics must provide you with a unique perspective on nature and the ocean. How does your tropical environment influence your artistic choices and creative process?

Oh it influence so much! Starting from the point that first I surf and then I do the rest of my stuff! Haha living in a slow place like this make you realize that there is time for everything and you don’t have to rush. I have a slow daily life because I live in nature, and I think that make me more creative and loving. Now that I think about it, where I live doesn’t affect my paintings in specific but it really affect they way I do my creative journey.

Your artwork will now be featured on Salt Gypsy's surfwear. How does it feel to have your art showcased on a global platform within the surf community?

Sooo cool!! Im so happy about it! Everytime I see one of the pieces I scream a little bit!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are inspired by your success and want to make a positive impact through their creative work, especially in the context of sustainability and surf culture?

Have your own timing! Create your own journey and don’t work for assholes! Creativity needs space, a safe one, so focus on that! How can I create the safest place for me to be vulnerable while I create?

If we came to visit you in Costa Rica , where would you take us? What would we do? And where are the coldest beers at??

Now I’m in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! Place that I’m in love with and that always been soooo good to me!

For sure we are going to surf in Paraiso and La Lora everyday🌞 After that, we will go for the best breakfast you can have in Gaucha or Anis café! Lunch HAS to be a casado (local plate) and beers and dinner has to be in El Facon!

Places I love in Santa Teresa:

Breakfast – gaucha – Ani’s

Lunch- soda tiquicia – El patio, playa de los artistas

Dinner – el Facon - muchacha

Beers - Somos - Rocamar

Best stores of cute things-, Pawo, Colectiva



Any highlights from the year that's passed?

Last year was an intense one! For sure one of the highlights was travelling around NZ in a van with my boyfriend, for three months under the pouring and non-stopping rain haha. And the other highlight was living in the Mentawais in front of HT's wave. The last one was especially intense as I spend 8 months trying to not get killed by the reef and trying not to get consume by the island fever haha

Any big projects lined up for 2024? I’m starting my new brand ETRA ESTUDIO but in baby steps. My plan this year it’s go to El Salvador in April where me and my boyfriend (Surfxplore) are doing some “retreats”! (More like a surf trip experience). In June we go to France and the who knows!!

I just wanna be able to surf and travel and do my creative practice. I would love to co-create more with different brands! And to do more retreats!!

Style us out for the lineup, what would you have us wearing:

For sure the one piece with my design and a nice surf hat!

Favourite surf spot or destination: 

El Salvador- Las Flores (longest right I ever surfed)  and Mexico never disappoint.

Words you live by: I don’t know how I got here but let’s enjoy

Top 10 essential (surf) travel items: 2 boards for sure, a few bikinis, ZINC, Camera, books (as many as my boyfriend can carry ;)), my notebook where I write everyday, sketchbook, one cute dress and my skincare

Anything thing else we need to know/how can we support what you do:

You can always hit me up with any (and I really mean any) idea you have!! I love to collaborate with people and as always, if you like it and you might know someone that would like it too share it!!

Follow along Fede's adventures on Instagram @fede_guinarvartt and @etra___estudio