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Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

Where are you from and what's the female surf community like there?Sara...My name is Sara I am 27 and I am from Barcelona. I started surfing here in New Zealand. I did try in my country before, not in my hometown but nearby.

I cannot tell much about the female surf community there as I have been living in New Zealand since then. I can say though, that the surf culture in Barcelona it is surprisingly big and increasing. This fact surprises me a lot In comparison to the surfable days the city has per year. I really love it!

Giulia...I am Giulia, I come from Italy, well known for pizza spaghetti and now cool surf movies! Since the day I stepped on a longboard in Byron Bay, my love affair started. The female surf community in Italy is small but is definitely growing fast. When I started surfing I used to dream of having a surf sister, as normally I had only boys around, which was totally fine, but I believe often girls understand better each other. 

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

You're currently based in Raglan, New Zealand. How did you end up there and what is about Raglan that keeps you in Aotearoa? 

Sara...Me and my partner started travelling around the country leaving in a van for 3.5 months. When we discovered Raglan we both had the same feeling. We really wanted to stay. I started trying surfing while travelling and loved it. It’s been a bit more than 2 years now and we still think we made the best decision. Really tight-knit community, art culture, live music, consistent waves almost every day (for any kind of surfing levels) and great people!

Me and Giulia met not long after my arrival and we became friends instantly. Surfing and creating is what keeps us here!

Giulia...Me and my partner after travelling in Australia and California, felt it was time to leave everything behind and go to New Zealand with Working Holiday Visa. Before leaving, a close friend told us, "you guys will end up in Raglan." Today, almost three years later, I can say he was right. 

Raglan is a popular New Zealand surf destination, every year its community is growing and changing, not only the good waves and amazing landscape, but also its creative and international vibes make this town so special. 

 Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

How is this different from your home countries?

Sara...I guess for me is the fact that I am that far from everything and everyone. I discovered a part of me that I do not think I had ever discovered at home. I feel like Barcelona is the best city in the world and I will definitely go back, but I feel is the moment to be here. I wake up everyday, look at the views, go around with my camera and get into the ocean and feel really blessed.

Giulia...Totally different. Here we live a life like in a movie of Tim Burton! I love the "out of reality" feeling, I love living by the ocean and I feel blessed every day for it.

I obviously miss the good food of my own country, family and friends, but that is also part of the game. I am lucky to have meet friends like Sara, together we get inspired, our different skills but common passions make it all work out perfectly! 

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

Plans for 2018?

Sara...Keep working hard to be able to keep traveling! Do as many creative projects with Giulia as posible as we both found a perfect combination of souls in eachother.

And most important, keep travelling. I did Argentina, Barcelona and Hawaii last year and there are few countries on my mind for this new one.

Giulia...In 2018 I wish to buy a new board, learn to hang ten properly, discover uncrowded waves, and of course get amazing shots with my friend Sara!

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurferTalking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

Style us out for the lineup, what would you have us wearing:

Sara...Vivid colours and two pieces swimwear. Leggings are my favourite!

Giulia...High waist surf leggings with core crop top. Best combo between style and comfort!

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurferTalking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

Favourite surf spot or destination: 

Sara...Ruapuke beach near Raglan. No reception, Big cliffs, uncrowded wave and always magical sunsets :)

Giulia...Somewhere in California!

Words you live by:

Sara...Light, Film, Ocean, Travel , Love and Food!

Giulia...Longboard, single fin, swell, surf trip, illustrations.

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurferTalking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurferTalking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer

Top 10 essential (surf) travel items:


  • my 6.6 fish
  • my 5.10 Firewire
  • Salt Gypsy blue leggings with stars
  • Salt Gypsy black lycra
  • ¾ Amuse Society wetsuit for Winter!
  • an Underwater camera case and fins to film Giulia
  • oh and a smile!


  • first in the list my lovely Chocolate Fish Log (only if not traveling by plane)
  • my 6.6 single fin by Ray Finlay
  • my surf outfits will include: Salt Gypsy surf leggings + core crop top and a warm Matuse wetsuit
  • a suitcase with: Ama Balm after sun lotion, natural zinc and reef cuts lotion!
  • last but not least a good surf guide and a notebook with tips from friends, including white pages for sketches. 

Talking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurferTalking story with Sara & Giulia in Raglan, New Zealand. | #saltgypsy #womenwhosurf #styleinthelineup #newzealand #femalesurfer